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Sep 09, 2021
Sep 09, 2021
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Social audio
The Latest Social Media Trends Every  Business Needs To Know 
What are some of the latest trends in B2B social media?

SOCIAL AUDIO. From Clubhouse to Spotify Greenroom, Facebook Live Audio Rooms and Twitter Spaces, everyone is vying for the digital mic.  Understanding how to build a brand on social audio platforms will be a critical step for every business. But moderating and hosting a social audio room is only one part of the marketing mix. 

The key to a digital media strategy that incorporates PR and SEO is to create social audio content that can be recorded, reused, and repurposed in other media channels.
Aug 22, 2021
Aug 22, 2021
Spoke on Clubhouse
SEO: The State of AI + Search 
Agency Automators 
Speaker on AI + PR applications in News 🗞 

In this room we discussed: 
Artificial Intelligence & The Future of Public Relations 
The top AI copywriting tools (my tech stack)
Machine learning, AI, NLG in SEO 
How Blockchain technology copyright protection tools like WordProof will impact the future of news and increase trust and transparency for publishers 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Public Relations + SEO
How to use SEO AI tools as part of your Digital PR strategy to secure media coverage
Aug 09, 2021
Aug 09, 2021
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Joined the Antler Launch Academy 5-week cohort created by Antler VC 🚀
Aug 09, 2021
Aug 09, 2021
Published an article
SEO and Digital Public Relations: Content Marketing Tips (Masterclass) Learn the secret to optimizing earned media and publicity in your content marketing strategy.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The top 10 mistakes to avoid when promoting media coverage and why these mistakes can hurt your content marketing strategy and tank your rankings (plus: how to fix it with actionable solutions)
  • How to enhance the longevity of earned media coverage for organic media exposure to ensure long-term domain impact of earned media
  • How to incorporate press mentions into your content strategy to amplify your content
  • The secret behind unused media interview answers to propel your content marketing strategy forward
  • PR best practices for content marketing: avoid these mistakes
  • How to create long-form content out of media coverage topics and podcast interviews
Aug 09, 2021
Aug 09, 2021
Taught a webinar
Brand Activism
Topic: PR Brand Activism

The intersection of brand activism, personal branding and corporate brand marketing.

  • What is brand activism?
  • Conscious Consumerism & Future-Proofing your Brand
  • Social Change, Corporate Social Responsibility and Advocacy PR

Brand Activism | Should brands take a stand on social justice issues?
Aug 09, 2021
Aug 09, 2021
Taught a webinar
Boston University Alumni Association:

Topic: Public Relations for Doctors & Lawyers.

During this webinar, Ruby Media Group CEO & Public Relations Expert Kris Ruby will teach you how to become a medical and legal expert in the media. Learn how to develop your personal brand from a seasoned media strategist with over a decade of experience securing national press coverage for clients in TV, podcasts, magazines, newspapers and more!

Watch this webinar by Kris Ruby of Ruby Media Group to learn Medical Marketing Tips, Tricks and PR Strategies to take your private practice to the next level.

Kris Ruby (COM'09), PR Expert & CEO of Ruby Media Group, will cover the following key points:

* Learn how to be positioned as a source so the media calls on you for quotes
* Learn how to earn traditional media coverage & leverage social media to get increased exposure
* Learn the ROI of digital PR Backlinks and the true value of PR for your practice
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