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Vue/A11y UI dev in the Silly Valley.

I love being the bridge between design and development, ensuring that interfaces are not only visually appealing but also technically robust, accessible, and user-friendly. As an extreme introvert, it's so rewarding to delight others without ever needing to talk to them.

A skill I'm proud of is my ability to pull forward technical unknowns early on in the project, and break down projects into small, incremental pieces to deliver user value as soon as possible.

As a mentor, I leverage my own experiences being on both sides of early career software engineering to guide others from nontraditional backgrounds. From being an anxious intern to hiring interns, failing interviews and creating/ giving frontend interview questions, being mentored to mentoring others as a senior, I value the importance of mentorship and sponsorship for early career growth. Happy to connect if I can be of help!

Bucket list:

1. Get a product design skillset to break into a UX engineer role

2. Work on a design systems/ accessibility specialist team

3. Consistent resume writing side gig (message for info!)

4. Do ice skating step sequences

5. Piano improv

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Dec 2018 - Present

Alumni, Linguistics & Cognitive Science Major (CS subconcentration), Scripps College

Feb 2021 - Present

Frontend Software Engineer, pilot.com

Jan 2018 - Feb 2021

UI Developer (SMTS1), Delphix

May 2014 - Jan 2018

Cat Foster, 13th Street Cat Rescue


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