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Nadia Kishlan

Nadia heads social media and audience development at Coconuts Media, while also dabbling in video presenting, hosting and modelling in Singapore. 🇸🇬

As a strong advocate for living consciously 🌿, Nadia actively pushes ways of leading a more earth-friendly lifestyle on Instagram. She leads by example by supporting brands that are regenerative rather than extractive, participates in regular cleanups, highlights the importance of growing your own food, and incorporates mindfulness practice as an important element in staying aligned as an eco-conscious warrior. ♻️

Before her transformation into an advocate for sustainability, she’s been a champion for diversity by being at the forefront of campaigns and projects that stand for this, after being notably featured in photographer Mihaela Noroc’s ‘The Atlas of Beauty’, followed by being the only Singaporean model to be featured in a Marc by Marc Jacobs ad
website | nadia-kishlan.com
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