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Paige Williams

Hi, I'm Paige! I’m a lifestyle blogger & content creator currently living in Hamilton, Ontario (a little outside Toronto). I don’t know how to turn down the “create” impulse in my brain, so I'm very thankful that "multi-hyphenate" is now a respected term.

My career journey started at Universal Music where I very stubbornly championed an artist until I was allowed to lead her project (Halsey's Room 93 EP). It went well! After that, I started freelancing with indie labels and music businesses, writing for sites like Billboard, blogging, and making weekly YouTube videos.

Currently, I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant for the City of Mississauga, bringing that same stubborn energy to my campaign for us to have our own TikTok channel (which you can now find at @mississaugatok) but my heart always resides with championing artists and projects I believe in.

Always down for a good brainstorm call to help you with whatever creative project you're scheming up!
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