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  • Software & Systems support leader , SAVENCIA SERVICES EUROPE a.s.
  • Czech Republic
 Web application developer on various topics: - financial information (reports, surveys, planning, ....  
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Software & Systems support leader

  • Jul 2019 - Present

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Oct 25, 2021
Oct 25, 2021
Used jQuery
Used JavaScript
Framework used
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Since 22.10. I have been worked on a small application to display data from mettler (balances) with the possibility of selecting the period and time grouping ... 25.10. handed over for use
Oct 14, 2021
Oct 14, 2021
Create framework
framework requirements:

- split desktop similar to the application
- possibility to control the layout on the fly - show, hide, zoom in, zoom out
- minimization of client-server communication during work 
- clear structure on the server side
- access controlled via AD 
- no redrawing of already displayed content when reading "subpages" .. no flashing
(it is debatable whether to talk about sub-page here, maybe is better say form or report)
- menu constantly available 
- show where I am and who I am 
- central variable store
- local variable store for the current "sub-page"
- central control by one script 
- all other are dynamic scripts ... clean up after each other when the "subpage" is finished .. when her user left
- use of common central libraries in JS ... objects
- objects can be combined in different ways 
- all objects managed only by parameters => no inheritance, no additional functionality added by inheritance
- communication with server side only AJAX, POST, JSON
- modal windows, formulars .. at least 2 levels
- charts
- datetimepicker with positioning
- tabs
- messages .. errors, warnings, information
- complex tables => tables in tables .. classic HTML tag table is slow ... paging, filters, sorting, row, cell, column selection, text rotation, colspan
- file gallery, image gallery, EXIF
- data processing, import .. CSV on client ... to AJAX server with already processed data
- export CSV, XLSX creation on client
- multilingualism = translations
- no work with HTML templates, all is created by using JavaScript a jQuery => no spaghetti code
Oct 12, 2021
Oct 12, 2021
Used jQuery
Working with JavaScript
Worked on front-end development
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to date... 
  • an application for customer complaints has been created (reprogrammed to the new version of the libraries). 

  • the application for complaints against suppliers is being completed

  • analysis of the production plan has been completed and work is underway 

  • the work on libraries and environments for creation never really ends, there are always things that can be improved


Jan 01, 2020
Jan 01, 2020
Used jQuery
Worked on front-end development
Working with JavaScript
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  • the project for complete redesign of the intranet in one branch in the Czech Republic ... the intranet requires the creation of an application for production planning, people, TRS / OEE, management of application recipes, processing of laboratory data, visualization of data from various sensors

  • TRS application has been created for another branch

  • an application for recording and evaluating complaints was created

  • new options are added to the framework

    working with data in tables based on html tags TABLE, TH, TR and TD proved to be cumbersome and more complex constructions were needed => therefore a library was created that creates tables using DIV formatted CSS into the form of tables... added pagination later the possibility of filtering and sorting

  • subpages have been replaced by dynamically loaded scripts .. central stack for data exchange

    new applications are multilingual

    authentication is tied to Active Directory

  • data management is created as a master - detail form

    the most complex library for creating forms, but forms are easy to create and easy to pass data to the server 

    more libraries are added, for importing data from CSV, floating modal windows, galleries, charts (based on echarts library),  tabs, export data to CSV, Excel, or in custom format to a file for later loading into the application  

    was implemented libraries  ... datetimepicker, color picker, html2canvas, sprintf, trumbowyg, fileupload, ... 

    on the PHP side only libraries for communication with MSSQL, LDAP, SOAP and FTP remain


Dec 31, 2019
Dec 31, 2019
Worked on front-end development
  • By the end of the year, work was underway to improve the application, develop libraries, analyse user needs in terms of the applications being developed 
Oct 15, 2019
Oct 15, 2019
Worked on front-end development
  • the first application and the basis of the first completely new intranet is created at this time
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