Joel Rainwater
  • @rain2o
  • Software Engineer | Fractional CTO | Indie Hacker
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • He/Him

Hello there!

I am an avid coder, always finding new things to work on, and never having enough time to do it.

During the day I am a full-stack web developer with a focus on e-commerce (Magento 2 & Vue Storefront). Additionally I currently spend some of my time as a fractional CTO for a pet services startup in Paris. What little time I have left is focused on indie hacking my own projects.

When I'm not constantly working, I travel as much as possible (well, I used to... thanks COVID!) with my wife. We are enjoying our life in France, experiencing new cultures as much as possible.
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Jul 2022 - Present

Software Engineer, Arista Networks

Jul 2019 - Present

Fractional CTO, Tout Pour Le Toutou

Sep 2015 - Present

Soundboard Specialist (volunteer), Dragon Con

Apr 2021 - Present

Founder, Status Tracker