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Goksu Kacaroglu

I am a Design Researcher and Service Designer based in Italy who transforms qualitative insights gathered during design research into solutions that adopt a life-centred design approach. Currently I am researching about sustainable and ethical solutions for fashion systems and exploring repurposing in design practices - I am also a wannabe entrepreneur in this field.

As a researcher and designer, I collaborated with renown design studios in Europe, designed services for many international clients across more than 10 countries. Today, I am looking for collaborations where I can disseminate the power of design in creating solutions to live in symbiosis with all living beings. 

I believe that a good design should not only be sustainable and innovative but also reciprocal, restorative and regenerative.
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What Goksu's working on

What Goksu's working on

Jan 19, 2022
Jan 19, 2022
Today I got emotional. 'Teachers being proud of their students' kind of emotional. We had our final Service Design class, an elective course at Istanbul Bilgi University where me, Asli Sevinc Daver, Deniz Dönmez and Nazlı Cangönül have been teaching throughout the fall semester.
Having a class of undergraduate students full of curiosity coming from diverse study areas like industrial design, architecture, advertising, management and engineering, for sure it has not been easy to convey the knowledge of such a complex design discipline. Yet, with the hard work put into the learning experience both by us the teachers and the students, we were proud to see that our endeavors gave its fruits when listening to students' final presentations. Kudos to the most fun, hardworking and creative teachers I've worked with in preparation and delivery of this course. And thank you to all students for receiving what we meant to teach.

Leaving below some comments coming from our students about their experience:
"This was the best class I've ever participated in my whole life."
"Even I'm a user too, when I have to do research about people I figured out I forget that. So I learnt empathy."
"Motivated teams give better results. I learn how to do good teamwork."
"I learnt that UX designers are positive people."
"Collecting insights, creating personas and prototyping has huge impact in design since it becomes more realistic."
"I am designing interfaces in company so UX design will be really helpful for me."

And a little class photo where we finally managed to make everyone turn their camera on :p
#ux #uxdesign #servicedesign #designeducation
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Jan 14, 2022
Jan 14, 2022
Made holiday cards for friends with watercolors.
Meditative and fun activity.
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Jan 01, 2017
Jan 01, 2017
Excited to join Self-Employed as Design Researcher, Service Designer, Systems Thinker! 🎉
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Design Researcher, Service Designer, Systems Thinker, Self-employed