technical writer // cornellian '19 // likes ux, cdramas, and puzzles
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Technical Writer

  • Mavens Komodo Health
  • Dec 2021 - Present
  • 2 months

Technical Writer

  • Sentieo
  • Sep 2021 - Dec 2021
  • 3 months

Associate Applications Analyst

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Aug 2019 - Jul 2021
  • 1 year 11 months

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Dec 06, 2021
Dec 06, 2021
Started a new role at Mavens Komodo Health
Excited to join Mavens Komodo Health as Technical Writer! 🎉
Technical Writer, Mavens Komodo Health
Dec 03, 2021
Dec 03, 2021
Left a role at Sentieo
Ended my journey as Technical Writer at Sentieo!
Technical Writer, Sentieo
Nov 12, 2021
Nov 12, 2021
Drafted a Quickstart Guide
Published a Support Center article
I closed this work week with the submission of two Support Center articles and one Quickstart Guide!

I actually spent quite some time on the Support Center articles even though the PM had already drafted most of the content because I needed to:
  1. make sure I had the correct access to replicate and describe the steps as much as possible;
  2. figure out what screenshots, and possibly gifs, I had to insert to best visualize the content; and
  3. coordinate with the PM who is in a completely different timezone from me.

I also spent more time than expected on the Quickstart Guide because I wasn't exactly sure where to start. I had an existing Quickstart Guide to reference, but it's very different starting from scratch on your own. I ended up incorporating both the content document as well as existing Support Center articles to break down and describe the basics of the specified feature. I hope I was on the right track!
Oct 29, 2021
Oct 29, 2021
Wrote an end-user guide
Just submitted an end-user guide as part of a healthtech company's interview process! I spent quite some time trying to understand the requirements and their target audience as well as read through their existing online documentation, so I hope I didn't miss the target too much. Overall, I'm not too concerned about the outcome because I think it was a good exercise and great learning experience. I anticipate the feedback I'll get :)
Oct 25, 2021
Oct 25, 2021
Completed a book
Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

Oct 22, 2021
Oct 22, 2021
Introduced a Beta release
Just finished writing some documentation introducing the Beta release of a product redesign to internal staff! There was a lot of back-and-forth with the product and engineering team so that I could screenshot the latest UI and highlight the most important features. I'm super excited to have people read through my work, test out the Beta, and ultimately get feedback on both as this is my first project as a Technical Writer at Sentieo!
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