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Hi! I'm Yumika Hoskin. TV presenter, Model and Founder of Peco Bag. Coming from a design and styling...  
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Launched Peco Bag

  • Peco Bag
  • Apr 2019 - Present


  • Mannequin Studio
  • Nov 2014 - Jun 2021
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Oct 26, 2021
Oct 26, 2021
Launched a product
Created Content for Brand Collaboration
Launched a Business
Launched a consumer product
Partnered with Lazada
Filmed a video
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This one is for any entrepreneurs out there with a business and who want to grow like me!

Watch the video here: Lazada x Peco Bag

Sign up as a seller here:  NEW SELLER

Another item DONE AND DUSTED off the “to do” list was to sign up @pecobag as a seller on @Lazada! Honestly this was something I said I needed to do for over 2 years… YUP PROCRASTINATION and I am not the most efficient with technology! But turns out that I actually listed it at the perfect time, because LAZADA are currently running their “Start It Up, Laz It Up” competition. If you SIGN UP from now until November 8th as a seller, your business will go in the running to win a USD $5,000 cash prize to put towards growing you business, and an additional USD $5,000 towards a Lazada advertising budget. 
If you are not a tech savvy person like me, I actually found it pretty easy to list my business and it only took me this afternoon. So I encourage everyone whether you are a small business or a big one, the reach on Lazada is amazing. And although IG has been amazing for discovery of my brand especially for corporate clients, reaching customers without algorithms interfering is important. My goal was broaden my reach to neighbouring countries outside of Singapore, so my mission to tackle single use plastic can have more impact. 
So, here’s how to enter the Start It Up, Laz It Up competition:  
1. Sign up as a new seller for 1 entry,  2. Launch your store by adding a store name and products to gain an additional 5 entries!  Competition commenced on the 27th of September and will close on the 8th of November at 11.59PM, 2021. So jump online and let’s grow our businesses! :)
Jun 02, 2021
Jun 02, 2021
Moved to a new country
AND JUST LIKE THAT (sex and the city girls holla) I have moved to New York. I am nervous and excited for this next chapter and I can't wait to let my new chapter open up opportunities to me. 

After 5.5 years in Singapore, I reflect on how incredible my life has been and changed since making that decision. I will always love Singapore and it's definitely not goodbye. I still plan to go back for work opportunities and Peco Bag will still be based as a Singapore company.

Would love to connect with photographers, agents, people into crystals and cats in New York! 
Jun 01, 2021
Jun 01, 2021
Left a role at Mannequin Studio
Ended my journey as Model at Mannequin Studio !
Model, Mannequin Studio
Apr 04, 2021
Apr 04, 2021
Created Content for Brand Collaboration
Big News!!! Introducing an exciting collaboration between @ClarksShoes and @pecobag! In the month of April, when you purchase any shoe from Clarks ORIGIN (their most sustainable shoe range ever!), you'll receive a free Peco Bag (while stocks last!). Cos' they want to start you on the right step to live more consciously.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to fashion is the "throw away culture".

How can we go on impulse buying and wearing, then getting bored and throwing these things away? Shoes are made to be worn and the better the quality of shoe you invest in, the longer it will last. Brands like Clarks are creating quality shoes for then, now and always.

I'm wearing the ORIGIN Wallabee designed with ZERO glue and a recycled Ortholite® footbed for extra cushioning. Perfect for my eco warrior endeavours!

Have old shoes in good condition? Donate them with Clarks! Shoes in good condition will be sent to Soles4Souls. By donating, you will also receive a discount for in-store purchases!

Feel good. Look good. Change your habits. :)

@ClarksShoes @Clozetteco

#ClarksSG #ThenNowAlways #Clozette
Apr 01, 2021
Apr 01, 2021
Modeled for a campaign
Created Content for Brand Collaboration
Can you imagine my excitement when I had an email from Adobe pop up with interest to work with me?
Well X that by 10 and that was me! 

It was such an honour to have one of the biggest tech companies in the world reach out to feature my business Peco Bag and I for their Adobe Acrobat product. 

For a business that is only 2 years old, this was the greatest birthday present a girl and her bag business could ask for.
Jan 25, 2021
Jan 25, 2021
Became a taste tester
Attended media invite
alternative meat
just group
good meat
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How would you define meat "good" in the sustainable space?
I was one of first in the world to try lab grown chicken meat. A single cell from a feather cultivated & grown into a solid piece of protein, made in a bioreactor.

So I want to talk about meat today. They say meat has all the essential amino acids that humans need to complete their diet. But at what cost to the planet can we continue to consume meat in denial. I enjoy the taste of meat, but I have significantly become conscious of my consumption of it, trying to stick to only eating it when I'm at a restaurant for an occasion or at a friend's place for dinner. But where I can, I opt for meat free food as 60-70% of my current diet.

Two meat industry factors that concern me is the most:
🔹 Deforestation. Over a quarter of the Earth's land area is used for grazing or growing food for farm animals. Meat production is to blame for deforestation globally, particularly the Amazon which is reaching its tipping point. By taking our land, trees & natural habitats, the gases and carbon that pollutes our air and warms our globes have no way to be filtered out because they cut down the trees...

🔹 Inhumane. The happy looking animals icons you see on packaging is a lie. The industry is essentially a slaughter house. In America for example, 99 percent of meat comes from factory farms where a football size field is snout to snout packed with animals. They can barely move, they breathe in ammonia from the decomposing waste & there is barely sunlight. This is a perfect place for a new flu or virus to cultivate...

The Just Group from San Francisco have been working on this for 5 years. With perseverance, Singapore is the first country IN THE WORLD to approve the first type of meat to pass all regulations. Why? Because Singapore is forward thinking & as a small country that heavily relies on importing food, they need to plan for the future. We don't have land here to grow food on farms so it's about adapting & moving forward with sustainability at its forefront. Id the intercontinental hotel was a bioreactor lab, they could feed half of Asia, cutting out land mass and inhumane farming. So, would you try @goodmeatinc ?
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