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Zlatko Najdenovski ☕️ 🦊

  • @zlat
  • Crafting icons for fun and money.
What a career journey! For the past 16 years, I‘ve been into UI, UX, Product, Strategy, Branding, and a former startup founder.

But after hearing an inner voice murmuring, “It‘s time to slow down”, I took an unusual career turn towards a good ol‘ passion that has haunted me for ages—icons design.

I find this quirky niche healing to my midlife crisis, allowing maximum creativity in a minimum amount of pixels. And having a background in other fields, I bring forth a specific mindset during this type of work, which ensures the pictograms visually narrate the story the brand is supposed to convey.

Are you a brand in need of icons? I have two options. If you are on a limited budget, feel free to browse pixelbazaar.com and purchase a set that suits you. But if you aim for a custom approach, I‘m an email away.

・— ✦ —・

Want to know more about my past? Here is my previous description.

I spent half of the pandemic time building the Tribevibe community. It‘s an amalgamation of my experience in product design and strategy, combined with my mission to create a healthier social medium that emphasized offline experiences.

Earlier, I‘ve worked gazillion years as a freelance UX/UI and web designer, helping clients build websites, apps, logos, and stuff. I also had a successful career detour in icons design and recently teamed up with Alex to build UI Copy—a design plugin for writing better copy.

I haven‘t had much of academic background, although I was persistently hanging out at the university of philosophy for about three years, trying to find the truth, only to realize most philosophers led an unhappy life, which helped me understand that truth cannot be found intellectually.

Further down, we enter into my artistic years, where I found earnest expression in playing the piano and composing medieval/renaissance madrigals. Oh, not to forget my weird obsession as a child for building paper cities.

So, how did life bring me from philosophy and arts to technology and startups? Still a mystery to me. But I‘d like to think there is an invisible thread leading me to acquire diverse skills and use technology as a tool to help humanity bring back to itself.

If the Metaverse will use tech to create an illusion within an illusion, I‘ll use tech to show people where is the real playground. Therefore…

I embrace a moral responsibility to use technology for a better, more sustainable future, by designing for wellbeing, privacy, and security.
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