Polywork vs. Linktree

You’re more than your job title. You’re more than a series of links about you. Take control of your story and showcase everything you do on Polywork. It only takes 10 minutes.


Linktree is the leading tool for content creators. The company emerged with their simple link-in-bio solution, allowing creators to share multiple links on their social accounts, not just the one link provided natively in-platform. Since their inception, Linktree has been embraced by the creator economy. Pro plans start at $9/month.

Polywork is a platform where anyone and everyone can build their own personal website in minutes. Sign up, answer a few questions, let AI populate your site content, and share your story with the world. On Polywork, you can choose from designer-made templates, purchase and connect a custom domain, edit your site content anytime  – all for under $10/month.

Why people choose Polywork for their personal websites

Create an AI-powered personal website that showcases everything you do, on your own terms. Whether it’s your online portfolio, resume, bio, or calling card, create a central destination for all things YOU online in minutes! Polywork makes it easy, fun, and flexible for you to start, build, and launch a gorgeous personal website, so you can stop pixel-tinkering and start doing more of the things you love.

Launch in minutes

It’s never been easier or faster to have a website of your own.

Edit whenever you’d like

Polywork’s website and mobile app let you update your site instantaneously.

Automate the time-consuming parts

Don’t worry about writing your bio or resume – let Polywork’s AI do that for you!

“Polywork is incredible, and exactly what I've needed for so long. I love that I can showcase my work as well as my music and photography.”

Justin Washington, Product Manager, Apple


Choose the plan that best suits your needs.


Limited site blocks

SSL certificate

Lightning fast response pages

Limited AI content generation

Connect your existing domain

Customer Support (Limited)

Save 20%

Unlimited site blocks

SSL certificate

Lightning fast response pages

Unlimited AI content generation

New custom domain

Customer Support (Premium)

AI Template Styler

Unlimited visual layouts

Site Analytics