Abhishek Sharma
  • @abhishek_sharma
  • Performance Marketing, CRO , Growth and Memes

Hi there! 👋

Thank you for checking my profile out!

I’ve spent the last 3 years learning as much as I can about the marketing industry -- from Search Engine Marketing, Social media Ads, Email Marketing Google Analytics to Copywriting; I have tried my hand in all.

My approach to marketing is largely inspired by data, business sense, and behavioral psychology to make high conversion campaigns for future growth and marketing.
While working in my previous organization (Shortlist.net), I tried my hands on the various verticals of B2B marketing like Events marketing, SEO, and Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

Analytics, Out-of-the-box-marketing, and Campaign optimization are my key strength areas, though I can also help you with creative requirements - writing the web copy and designing a last-minute creative.

If you’re looking for someone to talk everything about marketing, reach out via email: abs13597@gmail.com
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