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Software Engineer, Pinhome
Oct 01, 2021

Published nextarter-tailwind template

I used to be a tailwindCSS fan before using chakra-UI as my go-to. TailwindCSS is great, they provide broad customizations and theming support, but sometimes to make a component we must write a bunch of classes. Then I found a tailwindCSS plugin called daisyUI which provides tailwindCSS based components so I can write less class compared to just using tailwindCSS only. I tried it and think it was a great combination to built apps with tailwindCSS + daisyUI and TypeScript, so I published a new starter template based on that stack.

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Software Engineer, Pinhome
Sep 05, 2021

Published nextmui-starter template

After previously published nextchakra-starter template and getting excited to see Material-UI v5 is in RC (release candidate) which use new styling engine, I decided to publish a new template: Next.js + Material-UI v5 + TypeScript. It's already battery packed with some configurations so we can just focus on developing the product instead of wasting time tinkering with scaffolding and setting up some configurations / toolings from the ground up.

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Software Engineer, Pinhome
Sep 05, 2020

Published nextchakra-starter template

I like to work with Next.js, Chakra-UI, and TypeScript. Most of my projects use this stack. So everytime I start a new project, I use the same base dependencies and configurations, and it's time wasting. To help me quickly initialize a project with those stacks, I create a template called `nextchakra-starter`, it contains the base dependencies and configurations that most of the time I needed. It also become the most starred next.js chakra template in Github and used by a lot of developers out there who want to build a next.js project with chakra-ui quickly.

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Software Engineer Intern, SIRCLO
Aug 07, 2021
A starter for Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Typescript with Absolute Import, Seo, Link component, pre-configured with Husky.

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