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Started 6 months ago
Simply Synonyms

I'm working on a brand new release of my browser extension, Simply Synonyms.
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CEO and co-founder, Databloom
Oct 26, 2021
Force-enable dark mode in Chrome

Just stumbled over a chrome hack - enforce dark mode for every website:



Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements

shows every website in a slick dark mode and with whole new experiences. Worth to try!
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Apr 30, 2021
I created a Chrome browser extension called 'Based On A Story'. 

The 'Based On A Story' browser extension lets you create stories based on the word-of-the-day, using a 280 characters limit; and to share your stories  on Social Media.

It is the fun way to create stories and share them with friends. 
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Club Leader, Hack Club
Aug 30, 2020

Simply Synonyms

I made a Chrome extension called Simply Synonyms for quickly finding synonyms with a double-click on any word. (github)
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