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Community Manager , Coders Evoke
Mar 24, 2022
My PR got merged in  @keptnProject  !!!! Can't be more excited.  Hope to make many more contributions soon.

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Lead Developer Advocate, Spotify
Mar 23, 2022
The need for a community page was real. The great thing about Open Source is that you can just add it and hope for the best. So I did ;). Still some kinks to iron out (design, accessibility, content). But yay, here's to 🥂 
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Lead Developer Advocate, Spotify
Operations and Integrations Specialist, Outco Inc
Aug 01, 2021
Built a responsible design system using plain CSS for Style Stage
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Content Creator, Self-employed
Oct 22, 2021
GitHub: sviluppa i tuoi software Open-Source e mettili a disposizione del mondo intero.

Qui il video:
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Frontend Developer , Propfunds
Jan 14, 2022
The pull request I made on a bug I found on an open source community website was merged and closed today.
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Site Reliability Engineer, GitLab
Jul 18, 2021
When I wanted to migrate away from ProtonMail, I triggered a bug caused by some GNU GPG Dummy keys in my ProtonMail keyring.

After some debugging, I found the culprit and supplied a fix for this edge case.
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