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Dec 01, 2021
Contributed to open source
(TL,DR: link)

I recently decided to invest a little time in the Python Package Index website, which is widely used by almost any project using Python in some fashion.

The main engine is called warehouse, and is open source, written mostly in Python and JavaScript.

There's only a few core maintainers, and they do the hard work on deciding when something is done, as well as helping newer contributors get involved.

I came across a few things that I figured I could help with, and took on a two-year old feature request to provide a keyboard shortcut to activate the search field.

Here's the final outcome, merged today:
Nov 30, 2021
Digital Wallet
Solana Blockchain Using Wallets
Created an additional wallet on Phantom to separate NFT's and deposit funds.  
Contributed to open source
Made my first contribution to CNCF Glossary and also like the idea of having a glossary of terms related to CNCF & Kubernetes.
Contributed to open source
I published my first blog ever. Simplified Fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes
I was looking for something to start with and wanted it to be related to what I'm learning. I saw a recorded session by Kunal Kushwaha on YT and saw a good opportunity to blog that session down. I think it is a good attempt with what reviews I got so far.

Would encourage others to start with something like this for their first time, by this I mean blogging a session or video they liked.
Contributed to open source
Made my first contribution to Open Source and that too on CNCF!
It is the early days of me exploring Kubernetes and other projects in CNCF, while doing so I came across Linkerd and wanted to learn about contributing to it. On the contribute page, I saw that Linkerd was still on the Incubated projects list. So I made a pull request to move it to the Graduated projects list. 
Built a Design System
Documented a design system
Designed a logo
Contributed to open source
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Released the first version of the Graphite Design System 🎉 (which I've architected and is open-source). The components are built with Stencil (web components with wrappers for Vue & React). The docs site is built with Eleventy and hosted on Netlify. I've also designed the logo.
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