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In Build Mode, Internet
Apr 26, 2022
It's been a month now since the #TacoTuesday announcement. I must say, things are progressing well, and I'm having a blast. Can't wait to start rolling the private beta and get some solid feedback. Sign up to request access to Beta and follow the journey at

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In Build Mode, Internet
Apr 25, 2022
Mind Map ➝ Wireframe ➝ Beta Design (πŸ‘‡ ).

Continuing from where I left off on a related post:

I decided to design the final UI with Figma for the Thirst and Growl (in Build Mode) project that I'm working on. I must say, Figma is one sweet tool. It offers great features, and they're very intuitive to work with. As a noob, it helps me be organized and work in harmony with the devs.

The coded app is looking great. Private Beta access will be announced soon. Sign up to request Beta access and follow the journey at

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In Build Mode, Internet
Product Designer , Ubiwhere
Started about 1 month ago
Investing time on building ideas using SwiftUI.
Learning by building method. πŸ’ͺ
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Product Designer | Design Lead, Vampr
Sep 20, 2020
Designed a B2C Marketplace app called Q8Rider based in Kuwait, and stayed with the company to be the head manager

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In Build Mode, Internet
Apr 06, 2022
A sneak peek of input types for the app in development. Sign up today to join the beta.ΒΒ 

#userinterface #beta #appdesign #startup #bootstrappingΒ 

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In Build Mode, Internet
Started about 2 months ago
Mind Map ➝ Wireframe (πŸ‘‡ ) ➝ Final Design (working on it now).Β 
It feels good taking the design skills out of the drawer and apply them to a passion project. It's been a while. ☺️
I can't wait to see it in action. Sign up to follow the journey atΒ 
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