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Facilitated a Design Sprint
Facilitated a Design Sprint
Successfully facilitated a hybrid Design Sprint around new and exciting product areas.

Doing a sprint hybrid was new to me. Previously I've only done either in-person or remote sprints. I've learnt a lot and grew as a facilitator.

Top 2 learnings:
  • Timekeeping is harder, due to the fact that certain activities goes faster remote than in-person
  • Engagement between participants is tricky. Try to always let the persons remote go first in presentation rounds, votings, etc.
Product Designer, Minna Technologies
Started 2 days ago
Conducting user research
Building something new
Conducting usability testing
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Conducted weekly batches of user interviews and experiments, exploring all types of problems with my roommate. Right now, we're building a personal productivity tool – can't wait to use it in my own life!

It's been great seeing the progression from where we started and how I've now developed my own framework to assess problems and test solutions.

Until now, we've played around with consumer credit cards, API development, extension builders, restaurant operations, retail employee retention, music festivals, and customer loyalty. Excited to see what's next!
Started 3 minutes ago
Building something new
Designing a Product Feature User Flow
Working on the functional design of a new product. The experience was been wonderful. I've been learning how the techniques logic of a user flow works.
Jan 14, 2022
Designed a front-end app
Created a data visualization
Designed data visualization
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Designed the analytics website for Kami, our diet coach for diabetes prevention.
The main thesis is simplicity. That means prioritizing visuals over text, usability and avoiding stats and text.
Diabetes (and pre-diabetes) is hard to understand. Preventing it requires removing all possible barriers to enhance knowledge acquisition and healthy habit building.
Facilitated a Design Sprint
Facilitated a Design Sprint
Went to AJ&Smart workshop with Jake Knapp to further develop skills within facilitating design sprints
Jan 14, 2022
Updated a Discord Server
Redesigned a User Experience
I've redesigned the Discord channels yesterday, to make it clean and a better look, welcome to join and give feedback.

Join link: https://discord.io/innovators or https://discord.gg/dHNecByM3A

See ya.