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Smart Contract
Built a Smart Contract
Designed a front-end app
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As crypto holders get older, the question of transmission will become more and more important. To solve for this, I developed EtherTrust, a crypto trust fund on the Ethereum Blockchain https://ethertrust.nassimdehouche2.repl.co/
Dec 07, 2021
Designed a Website
Working on waya.one!
Dec 07, 2021
Used Windi CSS
Wrote code
Designed user interface
Used Nuxt.js
Used Netlify
Used Supabase
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made a social media with Nuxt.js, Windi CSS and Supabase recently, just for hobby.

it's on spanish.

https://anemo.ml/ or https://aexhell-anemone.netlify.app
Nov 13, 2012
Designed an Interactive Prototype
Designed Product Feature Wireframes
Conducted Product Discovery
Launched an MVP
Launched a new feature
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Interactive digital menu

Together with my colleague Bruno Almeida, we thought of a way to innovate the presentation of a supermarket that the agency served. The product design chosen was a basic model of a digital interactive menu, to simplify service and present daily offers to customers. We analyze the main sectors with daily price changes, based on the biweekly printed offers catalog that we used to do.

My work:
  • Hand draw wireframes
  • Graphic interface, overlay, pause-& end-screens 
  • Categories card sorting 
  • Monitor development and delivery
  • Test on monitors installed in the bakery area
  • Collaborating with Manager and Engineering on delivery
  • Observe the tool in use in the supermarket
  • Designing and testing interactive prototypes with the users and internal stakeholders
  • Incorporating users and stakeholder feedback
Wrote a new article, not published yet though
Wrote a new article, not yet published though
Wrote a Case Study
I wrote a one page case study highlighting my UX work and thinking on the Boston University Fitness & Recreation Center website redesign this year.