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Frontend Software Engineer II, Microsoft
May 03, 2022
Type designer Bruno Maag joined Some Antics for a dive into typographic accessibility! We delve into neuroscience and internationalization, as well as disabilities such as macular degeneration, epilepsy, dyslexia, and more!
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Creator, FBD™ Studio
Started 16 days ago
Studio Maison

Studio Maison — designer furniture and home decor. Crafted-to-last pieces in contemporary, modern and industrial furniture styles.

— Softwares used / Figma · Photoshop
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Sales Assistant, Spar
Apr 26, 2022
hey folks, i literally haven't posted since i joined but i ended up buried in uni work...but i did finish up my new portfolio website if you guys would be interested in checking it out https://www.lauras.online/! i'm a big fan of typography and the main typography of my website was inspired by a classic letraset transfer sheet, i went from having no ideas for how i was going to design it to having something i'm really happy with!
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UX/UI Designer , Urbio
Apr 13, 2022

Newsletter 'Grab a Coffee ☕️'

Do you love fonts as much as I do?

I know, some weeks ago I wrote that I love working with colors. But I think the second thing which makes working on user interfaces so interesting is typography.

What’s the problem of most of the people? 
  • Finding perfect font
  • What is important when using fonts in interface
  • How to combine right fonts
My experience - trail and error, takes a lot of time, use the right tools!

Read it here online! 🔗
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UX Coach, Productivity Consultant, Optemization
Feb 27, 2022

How gestalt psychology intersects design and typography.

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Design Strategist, Aizor Studio
Nov 27, 2021
These two posters were my top picks from last year, when I really started experimenting with typography, back in October 2021.
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