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Medior Front End Developer, Pararius
May 04, 2020
Successfully launched "Groeps" beta with AuroraGroepSystems N.V. !
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Medior Front End Developer, Pararius
Oct 11, 2020
 Yayyy!! We finally launched Ride Dispatch 🥳 🎉

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Development Team Leader, Onix AS
Sep 02, 2021

Go live WLED localized project - Vietnamese supported version.

This is the first software project of mine built under NghienRGB community. WLED is an awesome project and I want to localize it and make it easier for the Vietnamese community. Check it out at:
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Founder, Brothers Vilgalys Spirits
Mar 31, 2021
Launched Pipeline Pro Tools 2.0, Guerilla Realty's paid suite of marketing tools for Real Estate Agents including a website generator, single property page generator, ad creation, SMS & voice capture hotlines, & lead export to CRM. Built in Next.js
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