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Development Manager, 4Com
Started about 8 hours ago
Entering the Dynamics path, just passed the CRM Fundamentals Exam 🥳

Found the #learning resources on Microsoft Learn very useful for this one, especially being able to play around in the sandbox environment you can spin up during the learning path (
Now on to #msbuild, excited to see what announcements we get from #Microsoft today!!
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Assistant Manager, Jio
Apr 16, 2022
I completed the Jio Certified Cloud Computing Professional certification :D :D
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Cybersecurity Professional, Self
Feb 04, 2022

Became eJPT Certified

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Sitecore 10 .NET Developer Certification

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Chief Creative Officer, IEDC MACE
Dec 31, 2020

Certified on "Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Strategy" from IIT Kanpur.

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