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Scientist for Machine Learning, ECMWF
Apr 10, 2022
Created a small e-book for my Skillshare course.

My newest class focuses on making your CV or Resumé the best it can be for a data science job.

Craft your Resumé for Your Career Transition into Data Science & Machine Learning

The book goes into detail on different action words for CV bullet points that really tell recruiters what your experience is about.
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Skillshare Instructor, Skillshare
Freelance, Beatrice Mula
Mar 09, 2022
Ho pubblicato il mio primo ebook a tema personal branding!

L’obiettivo di questo piccolo libro digitale è fornire una guida il più possibile completa e accessibile, da una studentessa a tutti gli studenti, affinchè traggano reale beneficio nel cominciare a comunicare online per preparare il loro futuro.

👉 Se sei uno studente (o anche solo un curioso che vuole leggerlo), non puoi perderti queste informazioni, ecco il link:
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How To Overcome The Blank Page As A Creator
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Mar 13, 2022
I am happy that my book is on the bestseller list in India for the third time this year.

Here is the link:

Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur is a journey into entrepreneurship with seasoned entrepreneurs, researchers of entrepreneurship and famous icons in entrepreneurship. It is a conversational, informal discourse that feels like a discussion with a close friend or a mentor. It aims to clear the mist spread over the domain of entrepreneurship, and to establish truths that are counterintuitive. Welcome to the exciting yet unpredictable world of entrepreneurship. 
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Founder, Aletheia Ware
Mar 01, 2022
The February 2022 edition of the Convey Digest is here!

Read online at, or download from

Convey your message to the world for a chance to get published in the March 2022 edition and win a share of the $1250 prize fund!
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Mentor | Author | Explorer, Inspire. Influence. Impact.
Feb 21, 2022
Fearless: Be the Authentic Leader you will Follow

Thank you for joining me on this journey called LIFE.
- This ebook is a reflection on my first-time experience as a leader over 10+ years.
- I aspire to be Fearless and an authentic leader who cares about my team and will always be there.

Authentic leadership, to me, means being your own true self. We are all human and need to respect and care for each other at all times.

Self-publish date: Feb 21, 2022

#authenticleadership #team #fearless #ebook #selfpublishing
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