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Developer Advocate, Loft Labs
May 14, 2022
Spoke about secret management on Kubernetes with open source tooling at Cloud Native Rejekts
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Developer Advocate, Loft Labs
Co-founder & community builder, #EveryoneCanContribute cafe
May 20, 2022
From #monitoring to #observability - left shift your SLOs with Chaos at #KubeCon 🔥 
Slides: https://brendan.fyi/left-shift-slos-chaos-kubeconeu22 💡

#KubeCon #KubeConEU 
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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 18, 2022
Spoke at Geekle Global Summit for Node.js

Finding a lost song with Node.js & async iterators

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Junior Developer Advocate, GitHub
May 19, 2022
My first in person workshop at a conference in the books! Thanks New Relic for giving me space to host a workshop on GitHub Actions AND judge a hackathon.
I used to be super shy about doing public speaking, so I'm happy to be overcoming one of my fears. (Although my husband told me I always place arm near my face with a limp wrist when I'm nervous, which I think is a hilarious observation 😅😂)
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Gave a talk about the git tooling ecosystem and why we need a git undo right now!

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Solutions Architect, Isovalent
May 12, 2022
Presented at DevOpsDays Geneva

In an ever-so-fast technological world, Technical Debt can be a project breaker.

This talk will evaluate links between Technical Debt, Open Source, Coupling, the Cloud, and more.

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Solutions Architect, Isovalent