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Engineering Manager, Jimdo GmbH
Jan 27, 2022
I took two weeks off to visit my parents and spend time with my parents-in-law. I realized that I needed this time to spend with family and not think about work. Usually, it takes me three weeks to forget about the work stress, but these two weeks of a break during the winter season shortened this process.
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Team Lead (Identity and Access Management), 10x Banking
Nov 01, 2021
Took some time off before my new role. Officially, I'm unemployed!
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Staff Software Engineer, Netlify
Aug 06, 2021
A short mid-vacation reminder to take time off. Don’t ever feel guilty about it. It’s good for your brain and body.

I am not a doctor. Results may vary. 😎

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Senior Software Engineer, Deputy
Nov 01, 2020
Following the birth of my third child, I took some time off work to spend more time with family
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Founder, Sr. Instructional Designer, Rodlera LLC
Jul 12, 2021
I've been an entrepreneur/freelancer for almost a year now and took my first full week off last week. I had a lot of plans of things I needed to take care of or wanted to learn, but my wife reminded me that a break needs to be a break from all work, not just paid work. And so while I didn't learn python, I did spend a lot of time with my kids. And while I didn't update my website, I was able to get out on a long bike ride. I slept in almost every day. 

And now I am refreshed and ready to take on more work with a fresh perspective. 
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Product Manager, Zoox
Jan 17, 2020
Last day at Microsoft - Proud of what I accomplished and excited for what the future has in store! 
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Program Manager, Microsoft