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Chief Creative Officer, IEDC MACE
May 08, 2022

A carousel on leader's fundamental commitment and responsibilities.

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Host, Learn With Jason
Jan 10, 2022
Taking real, fully disconnected time off is good for your health and for your team. But you have to ACTUALLY disconnect to get the benefits.

I wrote a new post: Checking Slack and email during vacation is bad for you AND your team. Please stop doing it.
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Host, Learn With Jason
Jan 18, 2022

Are we punishing our top performers?

Posted on LeadDev

I wrote an article about treating high performers on our team better, not burning people out, and building stronger teams instead of creating heroic martyrs.
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Director MEU Leader Data and Analytics, Mondelez International
Oct 31, 2021
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Head of Data & Strategy, Datactive Management Consulting
Founder - Managing Director, Copper Oak GmbH
Dec 03, 2021
Retaining employees and gaining new ones in these times of confinement and working from home can become a real challenge for many companies.
However, the rebellious employee, so feared in the past, may prove to be an asset to any organisation prepared to adapt to the New Work.

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