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Andrew Blance

  • @andrewblance
  • data scientist | podcaster | nerd
  • Durham, UK
  • He/Him
Hello there! 👋I'm a Data Scientist, recent PhD grad, and co-host of a silly podcast about celebrating creativity, innovation and ridiculous business ideas called Brains on the Outside

📈 At work, I try (and sometimes fail) to build and deploy exciting, interpretable and ethical models that can solve real business problems and make people more data-driven! 

✨ Previously, I researched particle physics - trying to understand how the smallest building blocks of our universe behaved! I did this using machine learning, and quantum computers (and sometimes both at the same time)

🏃 Aside from that, I'm in a really terrible band called Dioramarama (like we are genuinely 100% bad) and I'm getting pretty quick 5k times!  

☎️ I'd absolutely love to talk to you about your silly and creative business ideas, about cool AI projects you are working on, or just about anything really! Find me also on twitter and linkedin
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