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Senior Rails Engineer / web developer. Trying to learn how to convert my lawn into something useful. ...  
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Oct 11, 2021
Oct 11, 2021
Practiced Coloring
More entries in the Cthulhu Coloring Book. This one was the first one I streamed on Twitch (Edited a timelapse and posted here: https://vimeo.com/637629749 )!

These were both started last week and I forgot to take progress pics, but the stream shows the finishing
Sep 18, 2021
Sep 18, 2021
Practiced Coloring
Another entry from the Cthulhu Coloring Book

I had mulled over this one for a very long time, finally deciding on a heavily backlit and also lit from inside the mouth.

 The base colors went on pretty easily. I considered stopping there. 😂 With these markers I like to start with the lighter colors everywhere and then add layers of contrast; so even though the bulk of the body was going to be darkened, I wanted to start with an even flesh tone base.

Adding the first layer of contrast onto the body was TERRIFYING - good rimlighting isn’t apparent until it’s nearly all applied. I started with a generous application of 20% warm grey, then a 50%, then started adding spots of 70% and Sepia tones. The darkest shadow points I also hit with a very dark violet.

The hair was accented with chartreuse (for rimlighting from the glyphs) and goldenrod (for contrast on the hair). I also used goldenrod on the vignette in the background.

For the mouth, I knew I wanted it to be a source of point light, and the little bit of Y-shaped flesh in the back to be also rim lit. The bulk of the mouth was base coated in Pink (on the darker side) and chartreuse (for the lit side). This was really fun, and made the contours of the inside of the mouth really start to stand out. I kept layering darker tones onto the Y-piece, and also the ridges.
Sep 12, 2021
Sep 12, 2021
Practiced Coloring
Inked a new page in the Cthulu Coloring Book.

For the initial base coloring, I used mid-tone hues for the fabric and snakeskin. The fabric is mostly Blue Slate and the snake skin is Burnt Ochre. I wanted the glyphs in the background to have a faint glow to them, so I used a lighter-toned ink outline for each of them. The outer glyphs were Pink and the inner glyphs were Rhodamine (or maybe Mulberry?)

After the base coloring, I did two passes of contrasting tones.

The first pass of contrast was to add darker colors (Violet on top of Blue Slate, Carmine Red onto the mantle, Burnt Umber onto the individual scales) to add more contouring. 

The second pass, I used neutral tones -- warm greys for the mantle and snakeskin, and cool greys for the cloak. I had to do a couple layers to get the tone I wanted.

think I am done. I may want to go a little bit darker still. It's always terrifying making it darker because you can never undo it.
Sep 08, 2021
Sep 08, 2021
Reposted by Aaron Hill
Took a hike
Went into the nature
Climbed a whole ass waterfall
+ 1
In honor of my favorite person's *redacted number* birthday, we went hiking at his favorite local spot that's very much off the beaten path. It was my first time ever seeing this place, and experiencing the challenges it afforded, but Aaron did a really good job of helping me prepare for them.

As we walked along, he told me stories of his visits past and all the ways time had changed the natural world around us - as it is wont to do. His stories are always my favorites to listen to, and better understanding his love for this space was a privilege, though knowing him it is not hard to see why he holds such affection for it.

At a point, we came to a tall waterfall and I was certain - despite his history and certainty otherwise - that it was not climbable. We approached the base of the slippery waterfall, me feeling shorter than ever before, and I watched him deftly climb halfway up to a more stable landing. Then I took a giant breath and grabbed ahold of the jutting rocks, pulled myself up, shoved my Downshifter 9s into crevices that felt far too small to use as footholds - I did all of this with great focus, and little hesitation.

When I was near the point where Aaron waited, the rocks became more slippery. I was sure I'd fall into the pool below if I reached across the threshold, and hesitated for the first time. But Aaron was there, with his hand outstretched, and even though he felt too far away I located the spaces I wanted my feet to land, and took the leap with his help. After that, getting to the top was easier, but I think my heart is still racing over a week later.

Three years ago, when I first moved back to this city, maybe even as close as one year ago, I would have turned around at the base. Or maybe I would have watched Aaron ascend in the graceful way he does and gotten to the same point that made me hesitate, and then I more likely would have thrown myself into the cold water- fearing failing and falling more than I believed I would make it across, and then to the top. I never would have returned, and I would never have seen the trail's end.

But, as is our seemingly usual serendipity, we went on this day, I went as this person, with the person who continues to encourage me to grow through all of my fears {and pouting} to be stronger, and braver than I ever knew I could be. I so look forward to scaling it together again. 

{Image Description, Left Photo: Monique is standing behind Aaron, looking at the camera a sort of slightly terrified, maybe too excited, possibly overcaffeinated look on her face. Aaron's face is partly obscured, but he is smiling, and wearing a bright pink bandana. They are standing in a gorge, water flowing around them, with rocks and foliage surrounding. 

Right Photo: Monique stands at the base of the tall waterfall, she is looking to the side at the rocks beside her, where her hand is placed, touching light flowing water. Behind her is a rushing waterfall, which flows into a pool below it.}
Jun 05, 2021
Jun 05, 2021
Gave a presentation
Michael and I were asked to speak at the UX@UW digital conference, hosted by the University of Washington. Our talk was called "What's Behind Inclusive Design" and focused on the importance and relevance of UX and Accessibility when making design choices.

I believe this was the first instance of us using the term Kind Design.

(episode, livestream archive, gSlides)
The Other-other Host, The DrunkenUX Podcast


Sep 12, 2020
Sep 12, 2020
Presented at Ruby for Good
Gave presentation "The Way Out Is Through" at Ruby for Good 2020.

This  presentation was about overcoming anxiety about failure, and seeing failures as a necessary step towards success. The presentation featured a slideshow, and ended in an audience interaction portion where attendees were asked to draw something; using visual art as a modality for creation, focused on the concept of accepting the imperfections of our creations as a proxy for acceptance of ourselves and our respective journeys.


Project Lead (NBDN DiaperBase) [Volunteering], Ruby for Good
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