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Learning 3D Design
Illustrated in Blender
Designed a 3D Illustration
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I am enjoying this 3D illustration journey, created another colourful 3D object, a sofa šŸ¤—
Illustrated in Blender
Learning 3D Design
Designed an icon
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Learning 3D design, created my first 3D Icon šŸ„³
Following YouTube tutorial by Keelan Jon.
Started 11 days ago
Creating a 3D illustration
Illustrated in Blender
I'm currently doing the #sculptember challenge to learn blender and its sculpting tools better. Follow me @laxoch on Twitter or InstagramĀ 
Sep 14, 2021
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Infinite painter
Designed illustrations
Created a digital illustration
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Just finished a new artwork: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/28NnWy
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Minted and SVG NFT Loogie!

Check out the entire Loogie clan on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/loogies-v2
Aug 16, 2021
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Dropped a new NFT art piece on Async.Art

"Quantum Cosmic Seer"