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Nov 21, 2021
Live Streamed on Twitch
Built a multiplayer Minecraft experience
Played a game
Built Key Graphic Assets
Delivered a livestream
Created a voice over
Edited a video
Wrote marketing copy
Wrote a script
+ 7
Created and hosted 95 LIVE, a new series of Minecraft gameshows

Discord Community Manager, 95 Degrees
Sep 22, 2021
Diversity and Inclusion
Championed Diversity
Workshopped company DEI initiatives and opportunities around increasing representation of marginalized groups in hiring practices and improving overall employee experiences.
Associate Director of Strategic Planning, Barefoot
Oct 16, 2021
Performed in a Supporting Role
Acted in a Staight Show
School Theater
ate a sandwich
+ 2
Opening night of our school's Academy Actors One-Act, Our Place! This is an absolutely hilarious and simultaneously heartbreaking series of vignettes each taking place on the same rustic dock that each group claims as "Our place."

I played Jonathan (an old man with Alzheimer's) and Corey (a dedicated but clingy boyfriend), so fun times all-around.

See photos 3 and 8 for proper equipment of life-safety gear and turkey and cheese sandwiches!
Nov 11, 2021
Acted in a Staight Show
School Theater
Tonight was the opening night for our school's Fall Play 12 Angry Jurors! I'm a bit sad I wasn't able to be more involved with this production due to the Cross-Country season, but being able to play Juror #12 and be with the cast for a few weeks was fun nonetheless!

Featuring my Life is Precious bracelet that made its' big debut on stage tonight
Oct 28, 2021
Acted in a Staight Show
Performed in a Supporting Role
School Theater
+ 1
Tracks, our school's Acting Academy fall one-act opened tonight! We performed Thursday and Friday, as well as at the GHSA regional competition on Saturday.

Tracks is a show about people in a subway station but something is wrong! shhh they're all dead and they don't know if the train will go to Heaven or Hell

I got to play the Professor, an easily amused lit professor who was maybe not the most faithful to his wife, to put it delicately.

See photos 3 and 5 to watch me be angry and contemplate!
Started 7 days ago
Acted in a musical
Community Theater
SUPER excited to be working with Act. 1 on Bright Star, an absolutely amazing new musical about a heartbreaking southern story of loss and love.

I'll be playing Darryl, a supporting office employee as well as being in the fun and rowdy ensemble numbers! (Of which there are many in this show!)

We open on January 14th and 15th...pour me another round!