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Sep 20, 2021
Designed illustrations
Created animated GIF
Designed Animated Assets
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Starting a new adventure
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I'm super excited to be part of Polywork now! I'll be working as a full-time freelancer and designer from January 2022 and I can't wait to connect with other creative people on here.  🤩

For now, I want to share my always growing collection of funky & fresh GIFs which are free to use on all Social Media channels. 🎉

If you've been waiting for cool GIFs, here they come:

Have a great Monday!

Sep 17, 2021
Starting a new adventure
Traveled to Antigua
Swam with Stingrays
What has been the most adventurous activity you've done?

My most recent one has to be swimming with the sting rays in Antigua. Such an awesome experience! The traveller in me is ready for my next adventure!