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Testing GitHub Copilot
I got my hands on GitHub Copilot finally .....
Jul 13, 2021
Using machine learning
Wrote TypeScript
Used React.js
Created a NN using Tensorflow
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Machine Learning Pong 🧬

I put together my first reinforcement learning based ML AI that learned how to play pong!

Tech Specs:

- Genetic Algorithm
- Fitness Function w/ varying Mutation Factor
- Static Topology


Use Up, Down arrow keys

NOTE: Desktop support only

Check it out! -

Collaborative project
AI for Good
Real Life Problems
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I will be joining 50 AI engineers to work on Omdena Dryad Project as a Junior ML Engineer. The project is to analyze sensor data and test possible systemic data models to develop an intelligent recognition algorithm to detect fire of different types of wood.
Their goal is to build and deploy a robust and reliable ultra-early fire detection system to prevent the spread of forest fires as well as a monitoring platform to ensure the health of forests.

Looking forward to this project and more in the future.
Jul 16, 2021
Testing GitHub Copilot
Got early access to Github Copilot
Tested GitHub Copilot
Wrote an article
Featured as a writer
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Studied Machine Learning
Working on a coding project
Used Python
Created a NN using Tensorflow
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Started studying the Tensorflow Specialiation on Coursera.
Read a book on Entrepreneurship
Reading a book
Read a book
Read The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz
Read The Amazon Management System by Ram Charan and Julia Yang
Read The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone
Read The Master Algorithm by Pedro Dominges
Read a book an AI
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📚 My February 2021 readings:

Domingos: The Master Algorithm (3/5)
Horowitz: The Hard Things about Hard things (4/5)
Cardone: The 10x Rule (1/5)
Charan/ Yang: The Amazon Management System (5/5)