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Used Angular
Taught TypeScript
Used Express.js
Managed a project
Designed and deployed backend services
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The MEAN stack is fun to work with but I still prefer Vue over Angular(At least for smaller project).
Jan 05, 2020
Migrated a Product
Used React.js
Used Angular
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Migrated an enterprise application from Angular to React
Frontend Developer, MSVH GmbH & Co. KG
Aug 22, 2021
Promoted to Senior Software Developer
Happy to announce that I have been to a senior developer role at work. Onwards and upwards! :)
Published app
Used Ionic
Used Angular
Built a PWA
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First PWA deployed and live on
Launched a new website
Deployed via Netlify
Used Tailwind CSS
Used Angular
Designed website
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Built my portfolio site with Angular, TailwindCSS, GitHub, and Netlify for CI/CD; now I just need to make cooler personal projects to show off!

Used AngularJS
Worked as a Senior Frontend Developer @ ARGO