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This weekend I played quite a lot around with Tauri, and I'm impressed! It is fun to code, really fast, and safe. I hope more and more JavaScript desktop application will move to it from other frameworks, that are way more bloated.

I also wrote a bit of code, and one of the problem I've faced is reading environment variables from the frontend code, so I've written a small tutorial about it.
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And now the last part of a 4-part series of blog posts on Monitoring & Observability. This one titled   Monitoring With Prometheus On Containers In The Cloud can be found on my website at  
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Here is my Part 3 of a series of blog posts on Monitoring and Observability. This one is titled   Synthetic Transaction Monitoring with Prometheus & Grafana, and you can find it at  
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I published part 2 of a series of blog posts on UI Automation, Monitoring, & Observability. This one is titled  Containerizing Your Python-Selenium UI Automation Project, and can be found at
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I wrote this blog post UI Automation for Monitoring and Observability on my website at
This is the first in a series that lays the ground work for Synthetic Monitoring for applications.