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Won company's most valuable asset award of the year
Won an award
I scooped up 'Commercial Writer of the Year' at The Freelance Writing Awards. The judges included writers and editors from BBC, Empire Magazine, VICE, Wired and Refinery29, and I was in a category with some incredibly talented people. I was over the moon to win...and celebrated at my neighbourhood tapas place. 

"Judges thought Stephanie showed a huge amount of work and skill in writing, and they were really impressed with her ability to continually come up with new concepts."
Brand & Editorial Copywriter, Freelance
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Practiced Tennis
Realized my childhood dream and won a tennis tournament. Once again, I am convinced that it is necessary to follow your goals despite any obstacles. The main thing is to try and not give up. Not USA open of course, but everything is ahead 🙂

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I’m honoured to receive the Jamstack Conf 2021 Community Creator Award!

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Developed the entire internet banking application which helped the bank win an award in 2018 for Technology Bank of the Year!
Full Stack Engineer, Finoux Solutions
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Produced a Podcast
My podcast won first place! As a producer and interviewer, I cannot put into words how much pride I have in my team. Focusing on the impacts and nuances of Endings, the podcast offers good advice from UTSA students and faculty who have learned first hand from their own "endings."