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Oct 05, 2021
Illustrated with Adobe Illustrator
Designed a beer can label
Freelanced after Midnight
Shipped a side project
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I'm new here! These are my most recent beer can illustrations for Crooked Crab Brewing Co in Maryland. 
Photographed an event
Managed a project
Socialised with client
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In Conversation with Ulster alumnus and entrepreneur, Peter Johnston
From Carrickfergus to San Francisco

📍 University of Ulster, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

This was a special event for me as not only was I back at my old University doing a gig they started my career in, but the guest speaker is also one of my oldest, closest friends. Knowing Peter so well made it easy to capture some stills of his talk, knowing his mannerisms and personality already.

Some of you may recognise this baby-faced genius too...