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Ladera Gibbs



Nov 12, 2021
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painted with oil color
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I'm super excited to check out Polywork as one of the first early adopters. For my first highlight, I would like to share my latest piece:

"Eternal Kiss", 2021

 Comprised of mostly oil paint, I wanted to to tell a story of a Goddess who visits a field of Phoenix flowers to admire them. She was caught by a mortal and allowed him to embrace and shower her in adoration, in exchange giving him her most precious treasure- her love. Please let me know your thoughts! (Always open to new ideas and collaborations).

-Ladera Gibbs, Visual Artist

Oil Painting + Specialty Paper + Gold Leaf on Canvas, garnished with two salt-water pearls.
Inspired by Gustav Kilmt "The Kiss", 1907

painted with oil color
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Restarted my painting hobby after a long time!

Kudos to my brother for helping me give the final touches and adding life to it
Nov 26, 2020
painted with oil color

Painted a Bob Ross canvas