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Launched a website
Designed a Website
Designed a Website with Bootstrap
Designed and developed a website
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Launched UTSA's Home Page

Designed and helped develop the new UTSA home page.

Welcome to The University of Texas at San Antonio | UTSA
Web Designer, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Learnt Typescript
Used React.js
Designed a Website with Bootstrap
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Created frontend application using TypeScript and React. I wanted to familiarize myself with TypeScript and learned how useful it is.
Jan 14, 2018
Learned Laravel
Designed a Website with Bootstrap
Working with IoT
Using C# .Net
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Delivered a C# .NET IoT (Internet of Things) gateway program that runs on a Linux environment under Mono. Pushes processed data from Partition Enterprise’s hardware components to a web server utilising a Hologram Cellular modem.

Delivered a cloud dashboard that acts as the receiving web server and client portal for the data transmitted by the IoT Gateway program mentioned above. The technology stack for this site consists of PHP (Laravel Framework), JavaScript and MySQL. 

Testing code
Wrote PHP Code
Designed a Website with Bootstrap
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Testing this new simple uploader web for a client, made in PHP and styled with Bootstrap.
Created a website
Used Machine Learning
Used AWS Rekognition
Analyzed Historical Pictures
Coded in Ruby
Coded in JavaScript
Designed a Website with Bootstrap
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Face Detection in Historical Photos

As an experiment in my Genealogy research, I started using Machine Learning (AWS Rekognition) to scan public historical photos (from Flickr and Reddit public albums).

So far, the PoC contains about a million faces from a bit over 400.000 images.

Eventually, the idea would be to integrate the system into tools such as Geni or MyHeritage and use it as automatic hints to find existing pictures or known people (based on know portraits).