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Working on a brand identity
Stoked to be designing a new brand identity for SmartResume right now with a talented group from
Working on a brand identity
Working on communication materials
Worked on naming
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Dumpling Mywèi.
Make it a yummy day.

Project I'm working on for a dumpling café here in Milan.
Brand & Communication Designer, Ilpiac




Oct 01, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Working on a brand identity
Super happy to be here on Polywork.

Currently working on a brand identity for a conference on accessibility & inclusive design that will take place next year. I hope to share soon a preview.
Brand & Communication Designer, Ilpiac
Sep 13, 2021
Designed a Website
Designed User Experience Assets
Created UI
Utilised brand
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Jul 29, 2021
Designed Visual Assets
Social media assets
Added a subtle texture to the identity that hopefully mimics the material of the track and field singlets that got pulled out of a box once a year and randomly distributed right before your heat in a 1991 elementary school track meet.
Jul 27, 2021
Font selection
Brand color
Designed Visual Assets
Maintained a Style Guide
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When Sonya starts a 5:30 AM track group in Edmonton AB, I can't help but support their effort with a little identity work to help bring some pride and cohesion to the group in 2017.

Four years later, I decide it is time for a more mature colour update, a fresh font pairing, a fun logo animation, and a couple example lockups.
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