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Leading a brand identity workshop with team Hone today. 

As an early-stage startup, we need to know who we are, what we stand for, and why.  In order to build messaging strategies that are authentic across different touch points, and that strategically consider a 360 degree perspective of the business, we need to have a strong foundation from which to build.

Understand and align on who Hone Networks is, not just what the company does, by creating a brand house that gives Hone Networks an identity. 

  • Identified foundation (values > personality > tone > presentation)
  • Determined our pillars  
  • Wrote new mission statement  
  • Defined our vision 

Adapted from Bruno Bergher's "A Lightweight Branding Exercise for Startups

*More details to follow soon!
Designed a T-shirt
Designed a logo
Working on a brand identity
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Fisheye Pictures Studio.

I designed this logo for Fisheye Pictures Studio. A movie studio. And FPS can also stand for Frame Per Second. So everything is perfect 😎 More or less...

Because this brand doesn't exist. It's the first of a series — UnTrademark, look at the barred TM — of totally invented brands that I will design and put on t-shirts.

UnTrademark t-shirts will support the Cut it out! (Diamoci un taglio!) campaign. A campaign to spread the word about surgery for epilepsy. You can find this and more t-shirts here 👉
Nov 05, 2021
Working on a brand identity
I used @logologydesign for a logo that demonstrates kindness and community, but manifests cutting edge tech. Easy peasy!
Jan 11, 2021
Working on a brand identity
Espaço Princess is a e-commerce for clothing brand inspired by street style, for stylish people, who are confident and full of attitude. It was designed by two friends with the following purpose: dressing goes beyond fashion, it is a lifestyle. The brand completed 10 years, so I thought about the brand redesign and the new stationery, creating an updated identity with the stylized visual elements used, expressing the communication and digital experience of the digital brand and the physical store. It was a great project, with an amazing team to build on after a break.
Worked on a photo shoot
Working on a brand identity
Working on communication materials
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Art directed a one-day photo shoot we did with Armando Rebatto, a great photographer that's a friend of mine. We'll use pictures for Dumpling Mywèi brand identity.
Brand & Communication Designer, Ilpiac
Working on a brand identity
Stoked to be designing a new brand identity for SmartResume right now with a talented group from