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Redesigned a website
Used Jamstack
Used Eleventy
Using Tailwind CSS
Used Netlify
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Redesigned and rebuilt my personal site to a Jamstack framework using Eleventy, Tailwindjs, and Netlify.
Created a Game
Used Tailwind CSS
Used React.js
Launched a product on Product Hunt
Used Netlify
Designed on Figma
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I built a game for designers to identify fonts, mostly Google Fonts.


It was voted as the #4 product of the day on ProductHunt

Developed with React.js and Tailwind CSS.   
Dec 22, 2021
Used Azure
Writing an Azure function...
Dec 19, 2021
Migrated a blog
Used Hugo
Used Netlify
Wrote an article
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I rebuilt my personal blog to move from Jekyll to Hugo, and migrated the hosting from GitHub Pages to Netlify.

It took me a couple of weeks of hacking on it in my free time but I'm pretty happy with the result - and thrilled with how Netlify made the transition!
Published a blog post
Used Netlify
This simple solution is mostly using NetlifyForms for different event post-based serialize sign-up forms in React.
Built a feature
Used Netlify
Wrote a New API
Netlify function
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From the 1st to the 12th of December, the amazing team over at Stumpt ( ) ran their yearly charity stream - Stumptmas. They managed to raise over an utterly amazing $82K for the wonderful charity New Story
I had the absolute honour of helping them out with various bits of software including a bespoke app that powers all the data they display in their main fundraising overlays as well as a new version of a fun fully customisable notification overlay for their Word of the Day game they have running during the streams.

For the latter I made use of Svelte, Netlify, Netlify Functions and Ably which made it an absolute breeze to put together a simple system to allow moderators to trigger the various fun pop-ups. I can’t express how much I love the Netlify ecosystem!