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Company Housekeeping
Major company housekeeping. 
Gotta keep a tidy ship.👌🏼
Co-founder / Inventor, GironWorks
Jan 01, 2022
Back from Hiatus
GironWorks is the company my husband and I created back in 2007 to make good use of our skills. We had to close early in 2020 due to covid. 

Although we have enjoyed the break indeed, we are back in business for 2022, baby! 😎

Our current services are: (links in bio)
- BoneShop: Tech workshop. 
- GP Studio: Digital media and web design. 
- Luna Ty Paradise: Ty collectibles store.  

Co-founder / Inventor, GironWorks
Interviewed about Quantum Computing

Quantum Stammtisch #6 (Online event)

Going back to our 2019 roots we've gone with a virtual chat around all the things we don't understand and need expert insight on. It's called Stammtish* and this is a recording of our fifth session. 
Following on from the excellent webinar with Sergio Gago of Quantum World Association we were keen to make a key part of the upcoming Stammtisch round-table discussion the topic of Quantum Computing Ecosystems and in particular The opportunities for the UK to create a Quantum Computing Ecosystem. 
Co-Founder, Quantum Star Systems
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In July 2020 in the thick of the pandemic of our lifetimes, I was on Twitter on a Saturday morning and noticed a new like from someone I didn't know. That was Nash, the Founder, and CEO of Undock and within weeks I joined forces with him and David as the Co-founder and CMO of Undock.

At Undock we're building a new paradigm for how people invest their time with our calendar network that helps you to schedule, host, and document your meetings and ultimately connect you to the people you meet with most without ever having to think about scheduling time together, ever again.

Join me on Undock today, it's completely free and the most powerful way to find mutual availability with your inner circle. 
Co-Founder, CMO, Undock
May 04, 2021
Featured in the news
Suburban Homes and Retail Are the Budding New Office Hotspot by Konrad Putzier
So honored for Daybase to featured in the Wall Street Journal!