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I just join the GenZtechies communities
I just got in the GenZtechies communities. A community that helps in bringing the teen into limelight in tech.
Created a Discord server
created a discord server for other underrepresented professionals trying to break into tech in my community. we share resources and gas each other when jobs are offered and accepted and when exams are passed. we also encourage everyone however they need it. 
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Slay Belles Holiday Highlight Day 5

My username in twitter used to be "morgiovanellis".
Joined a working group
Joined the Open Source Community Health discussions working group.
Nov 03, 2021
Attended a meetup
Attended Royal Gathering NYC - Jankyverse x Eternal Royals nftNYC event! It was so great to meet members of each team and connect with everyone. Looking forward to more IRL events like this in the future.