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Launched a Community Discord Server!
Launching a new Discord community for serious freelancers who want to take their freelance business to the next level called... Serious Freelancers 😆. Our goal is to help people increase their income by USD 1,000 per month reliably in the first 3 months.

We are testing this space out with a limited number of members as we iterate on how to run this properly.

If you are keen to join us on this journey, check out our Discord Server here.

Since we only have limited space right now, note that we will not be admitting everyone into the server right now. 😅 We will only prioritise people who are freelancing full time, with at least 3+ years of professional experience in the space of writing, consulting, coaching, training, and design.

See you there!
Oct 21, 2021
Hosted a community event
Keynoted at AWS Community Day
Had a great day running the AWS Community Day DACH 2021
Oct 01, 2021
Hosted a community event

Started the first Women In Tech Mentorship Program in my college!

I am so happy that finally this journey has begun. With 90 registrations and 18 mentors, I am so pumped with this amazing journey ahead of us.
Our team is planning:
- DSA series 
- Scholarship/Mentorship Applications
- Resume, LinkedIn reviews 🏋🏻‍♂️
- AMA sessions with student leaders 🤩
Sep 18, 2021
Hosted a community event

Conducted a session on Opportunity Roadmap for 2nd years
This session was focused on the opportunities that the 2nd year B.Tech have and let them know in advance how to prepare for them so that they can ace them. 

More than 200 people registered for this and the Google Meet has 101 people i.e. the maximum capacity it can have in the free tier. 
Hosted a community event
Google student developer club

Conducted a session for GDSC-IIEST WIT Chapter on "Tech Excellence From Non Tech Backgrounds"

People from non-CS/IT branches are underrepresented in coding-related activities at my university. This was something I wanted to change. As a result, I invited a really inspiring colleague of mine, Vani, who is from the ECE branch and has accomplished amazing things in the tech field. I'm hoping that her journey will inspire others to contribute more.
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Moderated a Facebook Group
Managed an online Community
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Volunteer Community Manager with BonnetCon - hoping to become an in person event in 2022 - and currently serving 9k members {as of September 2021}. Focusing on the expression and liberation of Black marginalized genders and women. 

{Image Description: BonnetCon logo features the bust of a Black person, wearing a black sleeping bonnet and large gold, chunky hoop earrings.}