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Created by Angela Berardinelli, Senior Lecturer, Data Science Undergraduate Program Director at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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Jun 20, 2015
Competed in a state Olympiad
Won IFPR Robotics Olympiad
Aug 29, 2014
Competed in a national olympiad
Competed at state finals of the Brazilian Robotics Olympiad
May 31, 2014
Competed in a national olympiad
It seems that I'm becoming a regular at these competition things.

Also, I believe I reached peak C++ skills around this time.
May 18, 2013
Competed in a national olympiad
My first-ever national informatics olympiad. By this time I figured QBasic isn't really that good and learning C++ was a way to go.

The biggest reason was really just STL features.
Learnt C Language
Learnt C++
Learnt networking
Learnt UNIX administration
+ 2
Started learning C and C++ as well as some basic network and system administration skills.
Graduated university
Became a Computer Scientist
I graduated from a Licentiate degree in Computer Science (5-years major)