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Created by Mihnea Miculescu, Head of Brand Engagement at Tilney Smith & Williamson
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Fantastic project with some smart thinkers in the crypto space. I'm not the world's wizard on all things DeFi but this was a massive leap for me in terms of knowledge accumulation.

Clients delighted. Won a small bonus. Not something that happens every day in the world of work.

Blown away by generosity.

Dec 12, 2018
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Developed an employer branding focussed content strategy for a global B2B company.
Senior Digital Strategist, FleishmanHillard Germany GmbH
Jan 01, 2018
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The Bebaly cloud application for travel brands enables business owners, managers and support personnel to manage their operational needs better and deliver a higher quality level of service to customers.  
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Joined AMOpportunities as Lead Product Designer. 🎊
Product Design Manager, AMOpportunities
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Hi everyone! Glad to be here on Polywork.

I'm currently building Dynomantle, a note taking and bookmarking app.

It started with constant frustration of having spent hours searching for solutions to obscure problems, only to have the problem pop up again months later. I would have to remember the keywords I used and re-click all the old search results I had looked at.

Dynomantle is my solution to that problem and has saved me countless hours. I bookmark anything that has ever been useful and the app will scrape the bookmark to put in my personal search index. For really complex things, I can write notes or paste in code snippets to make the search even better.

I write more about how useful the product is here. Signup is free!
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Congrats to The Zebra team. I worked with the team in 2016 as a content marketer, where I wrote articles, explainers and landing page copy in addition to acting as an interim content editor for about half a year which was a great experience.