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Completed a century ride
Rode my second century - Portland to the coast with a grip of buds up along the Nestuccah river. Very rad.
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Achieved a personal goal
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Contribution to a more inclusive language: It is important to me to support the work already done by my colleagues in the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community; to learn from it; to build on it and to make it visible. I have seen the need to push for a deeper discussion about diversity and racism prevention in communication work and to raise the discussion to another, higher level. So that it doesn't just remain a discussion, but that there are also trainings, handouts and guidelines. Now I am happy that my ideas have been taken up in the network.

Achieved a personal goal
MurFFy gains first 300 guilds.
Aug 11, 2021
Achieved a personal goal
I've decided to pick up running in earnest over the last year as I shift a lot of my cycling to indoors. It's way more intense on the body but I'm finding the experience to be so productive for cross training. I'm getting faster (!) as I'm getting close to sub 7 min miles on long runs. For those cyclists out there on Polywork, have fun mixing it up!
Jul 24, 2021
Completed a century ride
Today I completed my first century ride on my Peloton!
Apr 24, 2021
Completed a century ride
I rode my first century! Started in Oakland and rode up to Sacramento, 108 miles, 4k+ feet of elevation and 7 hours 44 minutes later we were done. Amazing group of folks who encouraged me along the whole way. Excited for more century rides to come!