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Used SwiftUI
What I learned today
Reviewing how SwiftUI animations work to use them in some portfolio applications.
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Building a data product
Building the metadata platform to help you to discover and make sense of your data.
Released a web data connector for Tableau Public
Created an easy way of analysing your Tableau Public data in Tableau via a web data connector.

Joseph Machado



Oct 10, 2021
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Data engineering
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With data warehouses becoming increasingly powerful, the ELT pattern has seen a significant increase in usage. Dbt has set itself up as the ELT tool of choice.

Check out this post to learn how to use dbt with best practices.
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Presented "The Polyglot Data Scientist - Exploring R, Python, and SQL Server" at the Akron SQL User Group:
Spoke about R
Spoke at a user group
Spoke about Python
Spoke about SQL
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Giving the talk "The Polyglot Data Scientist: R, Python, and SQL" 

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