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Jan 06, 2016
Created a product prototype
Created a design comp
Sharing a sneak peak comp below. My most meaningful project to date. We are truly building The Internet We Deserve.

Initial feedback I'll incorporate in the next iteration: more color, lights, a jaguar, maybe a gazelle or cheetah.
Nov 22, 2021
Resigned from job
I am looking for a ux/ui job
Resigned from my current company. I needed a change. Actively looking for opportunities and interesting product managers and HR.

Portfolio under construction.
UI/UX Designer, STX
Designed a Board Game
Illustrated with Procreate
Designed a board game called "Flock" as a part of Alpha Projects.
Prototyped with No-Code
Illustrated with Procreate
Prototyped a no-code app for generating friendship connections as a part of Alpha Projects.
Launched a new program
Led pilot design and delivery for top 5 global tech client. V1 was a multi-market, cohort-based virtual career coaching program leveraging an AI chatbot, a community platform, and live coaching to activate 250 participants in 5 weeks. Program exceeded target metrics including NPS of 50.
Nov 17, 2021
used Figma
Used figjam
Sketched a Product Concept
Searching new role
Designed a prototype
Design Challenge
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UX design interview challenge

I got a few design challenges during interview process and wanted to share some of my deliverables for a challenge I got a few weeks ago. It was not business related and also pretty fair in terms of effort.