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Created by Fabian Wohlgemuth, Visual Designer & Content Manager at i22 Digital Agency
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Promoted a digital ad campaign
Executed a Marketing Campaign Strategy
Launched social media campaign
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Good Story Learning campaign Instagram reel
Art with python
creative coding
Working with Blender
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Created generative art
creative coding
Sep 14, 2021
Launched a marketing campaign
Promoted a digital ad campaign
Launched Campaign via Oracle Eloqua
Supported Regional Sales Team
+ 2 Corp: WPS InstaShow Digital Campaign 2019

Since the original campaign has expired, for reference let's take a closer look at following EU campaign site. The looks are quite similar:

Work Timeline: 
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019

Co-Edited, Proofread, Promoted via Oracle Eloqua

Go Live (Published): 
September 2019 
creative coding
Designed a 3D animation
If you want to see it online, here we go !
Feb 05, 2021
Built a feature
creative coding
Built a movie discovery android application in kotlin