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Software Developer, YesLogic
Oct 12, 2021
Last weekend I spent much longer than I should have building the smallest possible Linux image that will run my garage door monitor application on a Raspberry Pi W. It started off at 35Mb and ended up at 12Mb, completely through custom kernel configuration. Some of the things my kernel no longer has:

  • USB
  • Sound card support
  • Input device support (keyboard, mouse, joystick)
  • Ethernet
  • IPv6
  • Netfilter
  • BFP
  • Disk based file-systems (ext3, fat, etc.)
It retains enough to still be able to get on the Wi-Fi and run my application. There might be more that I could disable but I think it's small enough.
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Electronic and Infomation Engineering MEng, Imperial college of london
Mar 09, 2021


Discussions around smart cities tend to focus on more convenient living or transportation. It’s time we use the IoT to create a cleaner future.


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