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Celebrated birthday
This is the year and on this particular day, I finally turned 18 years old. 🥳 Quite excited about what else is there for me to experience at this stage of life. 🤞

(This has to be the very first one from all those 10 highlights 🙈)
Nov 26, 2021
Celebrated birthday
Turned 20 xD

Never felt so good! I have many things to do on my list now! 😁😀
Dec 26, 2021
Tried different foods
July 2021, finally decided to get back to focusing on nutrition. 

Went very low carb (Mainly #Carnivore)

Hosted an Event
Organized an event
Celebrated birthday
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UXPH + ADPList Kick-off: The Impact of Community & Mentorship

I celebrated my birthday and turned 24. Hosted a kick-off party with UXPH and ADPList. The event was entitled Kick-off: The Impact of Community & Mentorship 😎

We had ADPList Mentors share their insights about the impact of community and mentorship in the Philippine Creative Scene during this 1-hour session held on Zoom and Facebook Live.

This was my first time hosting an event. Happy to say that I also learned a lot from the discussion between the panel speakers we invited to speak! 🤩

Our initial plan was to host this event on ADPList Meet but we decided to host the event instead on Zoom and Facebook Livestream.

The community was super engaging in the chat with conversations and questions happening during the live panel discussion.

It was also our first time getting Zoom-bombed which led the UXPH Team to take account Zoom Security features moving forward. 😭

Here are some tips I learned after my session with Grace Ling and me checking out Zoom security features:
  1. Enable waiting room.
  2. Disable screen-sharing in security settings.
  3. Mute participants upon entry.
  4. Don’t allow participants to rename themselves to avoid trolling.
  5. Have multiple co-hosts to moderate the session.

Shoutout to UXPH Team and ADPList Team (Ina, Aldrich, Kaizen, Mikka, Ely, Jade, Jentz, Lindy, Charlotte, Jake, Angela, Felix, Winona, and Jun) as well for the support, partnership, and event planning!
Community & Partnerships Volunteer, UXPH
Oct 16, 2021
Performed in a Supporting Role
Acted in a Staight Show
School Theater
ate a sandwich
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Opening night of our school's Academy Actors One-Act, Our Place! This is an absolutely hilarious and simultaneously heartbreaking series of vignettes each taking place on the same rustic dock that each group claims as "Our place."

I played Jonathan (an old man with Alzheimer's) and Corey (a dedicated but clingy boyfriend), so fun times all-around.

See photos 3 and 8 for proper equipment of life-safety gear and turkey and cheese sandwiches!
Traveled to a new city
Took a road trip
Tried different foods
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Manage to travel during the pandemic. Both a blessing and experience in itself. 
I travelled before the travel lanes were announced between Singapore and America, and I know that was quite a privilege itself. The chance to experience somewhat normal life and to be with my friends is something I’m so thankful for.